Have fun with your friends BeanyBeanie!

We are changing all the game systems. Please join us on our journey and look again soon!

Save your friends on Earth

Save the polar bear friends, the Amazon, and the Earth with the animal spirits

Upgrade your items

You can upgrade to a more powerful beanie by acquiring various material items from the supply box

Challenge with other friends

Challenge other players on Earth and in space. You will have more fun and get more rewards

Adventure into a fantasy world!

The world of fantasy is also around us. Now enjoy your adventure! Save the planet!

Get started now!

BeanyBeanie is a mobile action role-playing game that you can enjoy on your smartphone and tablet. You have to defeat the Dooms villains, who harass the Earth and our friends by using various balls that are given for a limited time at each place in the world. But, you're not alone! You are with the animal spirits that have come from Beany star. As the adventure develops, you will become stronger. In the supply box that comes down from the sky, you can collect a variety of materials and upgrade your items and Beanies to achieve even more power! If you use a virtual reality and augmented reality headset, you can play more vividly.

Mission, contribution and co-op play

When you help your friends, protect beautiful treasures around the globe, or complete a given mission, your contribution level goes up. If you play a lot of combos, your contribution level gets higher. As time goes by, many Dooms reinforcements arrive and you may be in danger. Cooperate with animal spirits to complete the mission within the time limit! Cooperate with your friends around you!!

Supply and fireworks

You will receive a box of supplies from the Beany star while playing. Inside this box is a variety of balls and fireworks with different powers from the Beany Star! Use these to more effectively defeat the Dooms! You can also upgrade your Beanies to be more powerful by gathering materials from the supply box.

BeanyBeanie and Earth

After completing a given task, you can upgrade the skills of your Beanie and equipment by combining the threads and paints you have received. There are many kinds of such materials all over the earth. There are also too many friends who desperately need your help. It may even be where you live. Enjoy your adventure now!! Save your beautiful world with your friends and collect special materials! Save your planet now!