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No Name

A naughty girl who loves adventures and skateboarding although she looks timid and gentle. She starts to fight as monsters called beanies and spirits come out of a portal wrongly bought at an antique shop, she fights against the Beanies with the spirits to save her dad. She absorbs the portal’s sealed energy that had trapped the Beanies and has a special ability to seal the Beanies.


A sheriff who arrests Beanies in the spirit world. Is a captain that leads spirits, the guardians, and a spirit that shows leadership in all things with courage and fighting power. As a spirit that has the form of a cat and keeps a poker face, always with a cynical expression that looks almost as if daydreaming, but when angry, scratches without a word at the speed of light. When angry, uses a powerful skill called ‘Frustrating Shout’ that is especially powerful towards Beanies.


A friend and aide-de-camp of Maullin. Always wants to show off one’s beauty as a beautiful and cute fish spirit. Has the confidence to seduce anyone due to confidence in beauty and long eyelashes. Looks like a weak and cute spirit, but avoids Beanies’ attacks with a high speed and with the reflexes of a fish, and uses an ghastly attack called the “unpleasant slap” to attack Beanies.


Is a cute hamster spirit and is smart, reacting quickly to situations, and is therefore a solution-maker in times of trouble. After eating meat by chance, became meat-addicted and stayed away from cheese, and as a result, loses the normal cute attitude and becomes ferocious when hungry. Becomes calm again when cheese is eaten.


Is an owl spirit that doesn’t belong anywhere and freely travels and does what he wants, and is a free romantist. has a lot of knowledge about the spirit and Beanie world and gives knowledge when needed.<br /> Does not sleep well due to insomnia and as a result, always closes his eyes, and others often think he is sleeping.


is a spirit of a raccoon, known as the grinder, because there is nothing that he cannot eat. Always keeps something to eat in his hands and is always curious about what he is eating. Likes to observe and study Beanies as he has high curiosity as well as appetite, so he is similar and is friendly with Buang


Is a panda bear spirit that will sleep standing up if there is no place to lay down, does not like to move and likes to sleep on a warm rock but can curiously remember everything that was said when asleep. Is slow which make the Beanies think of him easily and approach him but get attacked by the powerful side kick and run away.


Feels a lack of affection as a penguin spirit who has lost his parents, feels lonely, and therefore is always with other spirit friends. Looks like just a young baby penguin, but when angry, has an enormous power that can crack rocks with a sharp beak. Is always laughing sweetly, but the spirits know that anger makes the penguin spirit change quickly, and tries not to make him angry.

Mudi & Muri

are spirits of parrots and are a newly married couple with perfect harmony. Mudi has perfect flying skills and Muri has perfect marksmanship on scratching attack.


Is a spirit of a Sphinx cat and is full of charm with a slim and agile body with a deep voice. Likes Coco and appeals to her with his charm to take her heart but fails every time, however, never gives up. Has powerful hypnosis skills, hypnotizing opponents with looks and voice.


Spirits of caterpillars always moving in groups of three caterpillars. Overwhelms Beanies with fantastic cooperation play although only one cannot show great power. In a good relationship with other animal spirits such as Coco or Maullin but creates some distance with Buang, being afraid of him with no reason.


If Mudi & Muri is the strongest ruler of the sky, Toki is the strongest ruler of the land, having lighting fast running skills. Is an essential reinforcement fighter, overpowering Beanies who are many times bigger than himself, using fast speed.If you are close to Toki, you may see knocked-down Beanies even before running and before the ready position.

Yoko, Po, Welsi & Masimelo

Cute, trustworthy, handsome and ugly but smart 4 puppy brothers. Trustworthy Welsi draws a sled carrying the other brothers, but Masimelo who can’t sit still for a minute always sneaks away from the sled, so the other brothers have to look for him. Po, the smartest, always finds him


A snowman spirit of whom stories are told that it became a snowman out of will from a animal spirit after being fascinated by a snowman that he made. Feels happy for small things and wants to wander freely to experience a lot things, but cannot wander like he wants to, and therefore envies Buang who flies freely. Has the power to recover even against most attacks.


was in an orc tribe, but betrayed his tribe, hating violent humans and orcs, and became friends with spirits. Has extraordinary skills in developing, inventing and fixing stuff with the unique goblin talent. Is a all-around highly talented goblin, and creates excellent weapons for the animal friends to fight against Beanies!


Leader of Beanies and has powerful charisma overpowering opponents just with a stare. Has been against the guardians and has fought to create the world just for Beanies. had tried to destroy humans before being sealed in the portal as their bases were destroyed by humans. After liberation, defines humans as evil and tries to create their own world by destroying them.

Beanie Rascal

Cute and pretty Beanies produced in the factory of Tefy’s dad change into bizarre and ludicrous monsters and fight along Dooms against the animal spirits. Each Beanies were given special powers from Dooms

Mr. Sam

An old man who owns an antique shop and spends his whole life collecting various antiques from all over the world. Likes Tefy, a frequent visitor, as if she is his own granddaughter, and often shows her antiques in the store. Tries to find and help Tefy after knowing that the antique which he sold to Tefy is in fac a dangerous item. Has wide knowledge of antiques and spirits and helps Tefy and spirits when they are in danger.

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