My name is Lolo! I live in the Beany star near Cassiopeia, very far away from Earth. The Beany star I live in is beautiful and everything looks like a fairy tale. All of us living on Beany star look like Beanie hats, and the house and the trees in the garden, everything on the star is decorated with colorful beanies!

My closest friend is Ggumteuli (Wormy), and GgumteuliI lives on the other side of my house. Not long ago, on my birthday, Ggumteuli gave me a telescope that he loved! So it’s so much fun to watch other stars with that telescope these days. It looks similar to a telescope on Earth, but for my telescope, if you type in a street, you can see it as if it were right in front of you. So nowadays I am very excited to see Earth, where you live. I even spend less time with my friend, Ggumteuli. Right now, I am still looking at the beautiful Earth.

Although I’m just looking through a telescope from a distance, I always imagine that I am travelling in a hot air balloon to all places on Earth with Ggumteuli. And there, we meet a lot of friends who are similar to us. In large cities throughout the world, from the Arctic to the Amazon jungle and the Syrian hills..

The earth is as beautiful as our star on the surface, but if you look into it more closely, there seems to be many things that are too scary and sad.

Through so many meaningless wars, many friends on Earth lose their homes and suffer, and also, the clean air is being polluted by tall buildings, factories, and cars. In order to create such development, the green trees are being cut off here and there and there is also so much trash and some of the garbage does not even rot for years.

Also, because of the use of a lot of energy, the temperature of the Earth is rising and the glaciers are melting and disappearing. The Polar bear friends have nowhere to go and are hungry because they don’t have anything to eat. When I see my Earth friends crying because of hunger, I get very sad and I want to help the Earth and friends on earth quickly!

So, I and some of my friends have decided to help the friends on Earth! Fortunately, there are a lot of friends on Earth who still think the same way we do. We will go to the earth and gather strength with those friends to bring back bright smiles and happiness to unhappy and suffering friends.

When more friends are laughing and happy, wouldn’t the earth become greener and lovelier?!!

If that happens, I think that one day, the Earth will be as bright and shiny as our Beany star!

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